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Dog Bed Sheets

Dog Sheets - The Easy change dog bed cover

PawSheets® Doggie Bed Sheets

Fitted dog bed sheets for dog beds are easy to remove, wash and put back on. PawSheets control hair and odors while extending the life of your dog bed. Strong elastic holds the PawSheet in place. A no-seam design adapts to a variety of dog bed shapes and sizes - even cot style dog beds. Keeping a clean bed for your dog contributes to your pet's health and comfort.

Boston terrier on comfy medium dog bed cover by PawSheet.

Quality, Durability, and Good Looks

Dogs can be tough on pet beds and covers. So can cats. That is why we make PawSheets with a woven fabric that will stand up to pet paws, nails, and teeth. 

Unlike knits, woven fabrics will not run or pull. PawSheets are generously cut for deep beds providing a great fit (be sure to check our size chart here). High quality elastic keeps them in place.

Elastic fit keeps dog bed sheet in place. Reinforced seams of dog bed cover last for years. Easy on and off PawSheets.

Easy for You, Safe for Your Dog

On and off in seconds! PawSheets do not have any buttons, strings or fasteners that can be pulled, chewed, tugged or swallowed by your pet.

The heavy duty elastic is firmly sewn onto the fabric and holds the sheet on snugly ÔÇô from beneath the bed. Easy to change, safe for your pet, and convenient for washing.

PawSheets social responsible and gives back by supporting animal shelters and rescues.

Caring for Pets and the Environment

PawSheets supports local animal shelters, The Humane Society, and are ASPCA Animal Guardian members. When you buy PawSheets, you are helping homeless, neglected pets.

Caring for the world around us is important at PawSheets. We ship in compostable mailers (when possible) and use a minimum amount of packaging.

Washable Dog Bed Covers

PawSheets® dog bed replacement covers are made with
a durable, woven cotton blend fabric and strong elastic that will last through years of washings. PawSheets can withstand hot washing and drying temperatures without shrinking or fading. To kill bacteria and mites, dog bedding should be washed in hot water and dried on a hot dry setting.

ÔÇťI have purchased several PawSheets over the past few years. I highly recommend them! My dog has allergies so I cover his bed with a clean PawSheet every day which is so much easier than washing a bed cover every day. The sheets I bought years ago have been washed hundreds of times and are like brand new." - Jan V.

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Dog on elastic fitted dog bed sheet light blue

PawSheets ÔÇö Quality fabric, strong elastic, and crafted in the USA ÔÇö made to last!

Removable dog bed covers in medium, lage, extra large and XXL sizes.

Fits any style dog bed ÔÇö Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL & Twin

Replacement dog bed covers in many colors. Rich colors and quality fabric wash great and are long lasting.

Colors ÔÇö Olive, Light Grey, Hunter Green, Sand, Burgundy, Light Blue, Navy, Chocolate Brown & Khaki (new)

Stylish Colors & 5 Sizes - Made in USA

Choose a color that complements your decor and your pet. No zippers, seams, strings or snaps - making them easy put on. Unique no seam design fits all types and styles of dog beds.

Medium PawSheets - $23.99 - fit medium dog beds measuring up to 36"L x 27"W x 6"H

Large PawSheets - $27.99 - fit large dog beds measuring up to 50"L x 36"W x 6"H

Extra Large PawSheets - $29.99 - fit extra large dog beds measuring up to 60"L x 36"W x 6"H

Jumbo* (XXL) PawSheets - $31.99 fit XXL dog beds measuring up to 60"L x 50"W x 8"H

Twin (NEW) - $34.99 fits a twin size mattress 75"L x 38"W x 8"H

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PawSheets® Customers Say It Best...

ÔÇťI have bought numerous PawSheets from you and loved the sheets. The sheets are such good quality and the selling points were that they were made in the good ol' USA and the fabric included cotton. Thank you.ÔÇť

Larraine K., Honolulu, HI

ÔÇťThese sheets are awesome! Wrigley, my Great Pyrenees, sleeps on an XL rectangular bed and I cover with a fitted PawSheet, giving him a fresh, clean sleeping area daily. They vacuum nicely between washings. He loves (them), but not as much as I do!ÔÇŁ ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

Lesli H. B, Greenwood, AZ

ÔÇťThese are the best things to put over your dog bed!! They look great and fit great!! Never stop making these!! You guys are the BEST!! Buy them and youÔÇÖll see how wonderful they are!ÔÇŁ


ÔÇťI bought two of these sheets, one for each dog, because one of my dogs had a staph infection and I wanted to make sure her bed was clean every day. These sheets have been very durable and they fit well and stay on each of their bolster beds. They've been washed at least 40 times and they look and feel brand new. The elastic still looks and holds as well as it did the day they arrived."

Lea M

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