Large dog bed cover sand color PawSheets

Keep Your Dog's Bed Clean...

PawSheets fitted sheets for dog beds are easy to remove, wash, and put back on.

Washable PawSheets make it easy to wash away hair and odors while extending the life of your dog bed. Strong elastic binding holds the dog bed sheet in place. A no-seam design adapts to a variety of dog bed shapes and sizes - even cot style dog beds. Keeping a clean bed for your dog contributes to your pet's health and comfort.

  • Quality, durability, good looks
  • Extend life of your dog bed
  • Wash the sheet, not the bed

Fact: hot water is important to kill bacteria and mites. PawSheets can withstand hot-water washer and dryer temperatures without shrinking or fading.

"The best item I bought for my dog ever!"

"Such great the dog bed is now such an easy task. Love it!” - Doreen H., Ridgeland, MS

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Washable dog bed cover in light color for large dog bed

Good Looks, Quality, Durability

Dogs can be tough on pet beds and covers. So can cats. That is why we make PawSheets with a woven fabric that will stand up to pet paws, claws, nails, and teeth – long-lasting without being bulky.

Unlike knits, woven fabrics will not run or pull. PawSheets are generously cut for deep beds providing a great fit (be sure to check our size chart here). High quality elastic keeps them in place.

Easy on and off washable dog bed color with elastic fit

Easy on/off washability...

Slip it off, pop in the wash, slip it on...a clean and healthy bed for your dog!

PawSheets do not have any buttons, strings or fasteners that can be pulled, chewed, tugged or swallowed.

The heavy-duty elastic is firmly sewn onto the fabric and holds the sheet on snugly – from beneath the bed. Easy to change, safe for your pet, and convenient for washing.

Their sheets fit my dog’s bed the best!!!

Dionta Jones

German shepard navy large dog bed sheet big barker dog bed

Sizes from Medium to Large to XL and Beyond

< Here's Roxy, relaxing on a navy PawSheet.

PawSheets® fitted dog bed covers have deep pockets that adjust to your dog's bed thickness. Regular PawSheets fit beds 6" thick and Slim PawSheets fit 2-3" thick dog mattress.

We know large dog beds are harder to wash and keep clean. That's why we make PawSheets to fit those sizes: Medium, Large, XL, XXL and Twin Mattress dog bed sheets.

  • Medium - 32" x 24" x 4"
  • Large - 50" x 36" x 6"
  • Extra Large (XL) - 60" x 36" x 6
  • Extra XL (XXL) - 60" x 50" x 8"
  • Twin Mattress - 75" x 38" x 8"

PawSheets are the best choice for bolster dog bed fitted covers. When choosing a size, keep in mind that bolster style dog beds usually require a larger size.

Not sure what size? Contact us.

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  • Removable dog bed covers in medium, lage, extra large and XXL sizes.

    Universal Design

    Unique, no seam design fits all types and styles of dog beds.

    • Fits any shape or style dog bed
    • Round, Rectangle, Square
    • Bolster, Donut, Couch Dog Beds
    • Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL & Twin dog Beds
  • Great Colors

    Complement your room decor with rich colors:

    • Olive, Hunter Green,
    • Burgundy
    • Light Grey
    • Light Blue, Navy
    • Sand, Brown & Khaki
  • Quality Fabric and Elastic

    Lightweight, durable cotton/polyester fabric with strong elastic provides a secure fit and will last for hundreds of washing. No zippers, seams, strings or snaps - making them easy put on.

Black lab navy dog bed cover pet fusion dog bed

Now is a great time to buy PawSheets!

Shop our site to find the perfect size and color. Be sure to check out our sizing tips page, and contact us if you need help finding the right one.

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