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"One Happy Dog Mom"

Oh my goodness!  You are amazing!  I received my PawSheets yesterday.  Put one on today and I couldn’t be happier.  Fits like a dream and Kai is already sleeping on it.  He loves his crate and it’s a preferred sleeping place.  I am so grateful you had the talent and imagination to create this much needed and useful dog bed sheet.  I don’t have any social media or I would sing your praises from the mountain top. I am one happy dog mom !!!  Thank you.
- Mikki M., MO

PawSheets for a clean dog bed"The best item I bought for my dog ever!"

"Such great quality, and cleaning the dog bed is now such an easy task. Love it!” - Doreen H., Ridgeland, MS

“My furbabies are enjoying their bed sheets"

“My furbabies are enjoying their bed sheets and I am happy to have ordered from PawSheets… Thanks again for your great service.” – Alice J., Jacksonville, FL 

“Please do not stop making these!”

“I have now bought 3 PawSheets and love them. I have alwPawSheets durable and washableays had dogs that shed and these are great to take on and off and throw in the washer. They have held up through weekly washing for years now. The elastic band that help fit the sheet to your dog bed still works and makes the bed look great....they fit my rectangular beds like a glove. Please do not stop making these!” - AC

"Wish I found them sooner."

“Love these! Wish I found them sooner. Here are my pups (Lucky, Chewy, and Leia, in their bolstered beds (sizes were annotated for reference.)” - Stephanie B., Killeen, TX

“These sheets are awesome!"

“Wrigley, my Great Pyrenees, sleeps on an XL rectangular bed and I cover it with a fitted PawSheet, giving him a fresh, clean sleeping area daily. They vacuum nicely between washings. He loves (them), but not as much as I do!”❤️ - Lesli H. B, Greenwood, AZ

PawSheets Fit my dog bed"Josie Loves PawSheets"

"My 65 pound girl climbed right in and slept all night in her bed! The sheet was intact 9 hours later!!! Thank you for a clever and quality item!! As you can see I’m ordering 3 more!  I washed it before I put it on and it washed beautifully.  Thanks again! - Doris B., MD

"Carley Loves a Clean Bed"

"My cat's bed was always full of hair. Now I just take the PawSheet off, throw it in the wash and put on a clean sheet. Everyone is happy - me and Carley!" - Dana F, West Orange, NJ

“I found PawSheets and they have changed my life!”

PawSheets for Dog Beds“I had been looking to replace the covers on my pets’ beds. I wanted something easy to wash and change out. Most covers are heavy and made with canvas....they hold so much fur and are really a pain to wash. I found PawSheets and they have changed my life! They stay in place, are very light weight so I can just brush off the fur and throw them right into the washer! My English Bulldogs get a clean fresh bed more often and I get fresh air too! Thanks PawSheets, love Myra, Meatball, and Sluggo!”- Myra, Cypress, TX

"The dog beds are always clean now."

"We have 3 dogs - 2 large and 1 medium - so we have large beds around the house. I absolutely dreaded taking the covers off and washing them because the hard part is getting the cover back on. PawSheets are amazing! I have purchased 4 of them and I will definitely purchase more. The dog beds are always clean now. I couldn't be more pleased!" - Kellie D., Redondo Beach, CA

Dog Beds Easy Clean

I'm in love with these...“

“You guys are the best, and I’ll be buying more! Trust me, I’m in love with these!” - Jayme Baxter, GA



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