About Us

Solving the Stinky Dog Bed Problem

PawSheets for a clean pet bed.

Tired of dealing with that persistent dog bed odor? We were!

PawSheets was founded in 2015 with a mission: to put an end to the stinky dog bed problem as well as the frustration of keeping a clean pet bed!

We are...

  • A Small, Woman-Owned Business, PawSheets is committed to supporting pet parents like you
  • Designed by a dedicated pet mom who had tried blankets, towels, even a crib sheet – nothing worked. So she created an elasticized, fitted dog bed sheet tailored to provide the ultimate in convenience.
  • Supporting sustainability – by  extending the life of dog beds: We care for the environment as much as we care for your pet.

By using PawSheets, you're making an eco-conscious choice –    

A fitted dog bed sheet extends the life of your dog's bed, and    

     ...reduces the constant need for replacements, and

            …minimizes waste in landfills.


It's a win-win for your wallet and the planet!

Commited to a Quality Product and Service: 
At PawSheets, no corners are cut when it comes to quality. We take pride in delivering a USA-made, premium product designed to meet the highest standards. From sourcing our fabrics to working closely with the U.S. based manufacturers, we’re here to provide high value and exceptional customer service, ensuring your experience with PawSheets is nothing short of fantastic

Each PawSheet is made with a single strong piece of woven fabric that is bound with durable elastic. The heavy-duty elastic holds the PawSheet to your dog’s bed, resisting the toughest of pet paws. 

Patricia on Shopify says...
My pit mix loves digging on his beds and the cover of Casper bed I got him is now frayed. Due to this, I decided to order PawSheets....saying that these sheets have withstood his digging is an understatement. Thank you for saving my sanity by preventing all the fuzz from getting on my baby’s fur, as well as creating a quality product.

When you choose PawSheets, you're not just buying a product; you're joining a community of pet lovers who understand the value of a healthy, clean and cozy space for their pets. 

Myra says...
I found PawSheets online and they have changed my life! They stay in place, are very light weight so I can just brush off the fur and throw them right into the washer! My English Bulldogs get a clean fresh bed more often and I get fresh air too! 

Doreen on etsy says...
The best item I bought for my dog ever! Such a great quality and cleaning the dog bed is now such an easy task. Love it!

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