PAWSHEETS ÔÇô The Cure for Stinky Dog Beds

PawSheets to the Rescue

I was tired of struggling to keep my dogsÔÇÖ beds clean. Struggling to take the ÔÇťwashableÔÇŁ cover off - and struggling to get it back on. And then it was dirty and smelly again in no time.

I tried covering my dogsÔÇÖ beds with a blanket, a towel, a crib sheet, and even a twin bed sheet. Nothing worked. There had to be a better way. Why not have a fitted sheet for a dog bed? Just an elasticized sheet with no buttons, velcro, or pull strings.

Since dog beds come in many shapes and sizes, I needed to create a universal design. One that would adapt to oval, square, round or bolster style pet beds. After testing many designs, I finally had a winner. No seams - just four tucks for fit and fullness. Test designs were in white and boy, did they show how dirty a bed can get in a day or two!

Day-to-day, PawSheets are a game changer. When you have a sick, allergic, or elderly pet, they are life savers. When our dog, Sampson, came home after surgery, I was able to easily give him a clean PawSheet twice a day.

PawSheets has been helping pet owners keep a clean bed for their pets since 2015. A small woman- owned business that values a high quality product and personal customer service.

I hope you give PawSheets a try. There is free shipping over $50 and free returns on most items.

Contact me if you need help with sizing.


Janet B.

We Care for Pets...and More.

Caring for the world around us is important at PawSheets. We ship in compostable mailers (when possible) and use a minimum amount of packaging. PawSheets extend the life of your dog bed - saving you money and keeping it out of a landfill.

When you buy PawSheets, you are helping homeless, neglected pets as PawSheets supports The Humane Society, local animal shelters and is an ASPCA Guardian member.

PawSheets social responsible and gives back by supporting animal shelters and rescues.

Get to Know PawSheets

Watch this short video to see how you can keep your dog bed clean with PawSheets.

Skye on a burgundy PawSheet - dog bed sheet.
PawSheets are made in the USA
Guilty Paws Custom Pet Art Save with PawSheets

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Guilty Paws Pet Art Save with PawSheets