Measuring a Dog Bed

Measuring Tips for PawSheets.

Universal dog bed cover fits most dog bed shapes and sizes. 

PawSheets' universal design adapts to most dog bed shapes and sizes. In order to determine what size you need for a bolster dog bed, use a flexible tape measure that conforms to the shape of your pet's bed. 

PawSheets offered in different sizes and colors

Styles of Pet Beds 

PawSheets will fit round, rectangular, square and oval shaped beds. Bolster or nesting beds need a larger size to fit the depth of the indentation. 

Measure the longest dimension of the bed from one end of the orange line (in image) to the other end of the orange line, across the middle of the bed, being sure to hug the curves of the bed. If you want extra give (to tuck in) around the cradle of the bed, order a size up.

PawSheets sizing
  • Length – This is the longest end-to-end measure (inches) of the pet bed.
  • Width - The shorter end-to-end measure (inches) of a rectangular bed. A round bed would have the same length and width.
  • Height - The thickness of the mattress or bolster.

 Maximum Size of Dog Bed


32" L x 24" W x 4" H

Medium (M)*

50" L x 36" W x 6" H

 Large (L)

60" L x 36" W X 6" H

Extra Large (XL) 

60” L x 50” W x 8” H

Jumbo XXL 

*Medium runs small. If you have a bolster or a thick bed, order Large. 

Low Profile Bed? - Try Slim PawSheets

If you have a low profile dog bed — smaller, not too thick, and less than 4" in height — try a Slim PawSheet. Note there is a limited inventory and they are not available in all colors. Prices range from $9.99-$12.99.

Maximum Size of Dog Bed

 Slim PawSheet 

23" L x 16" W x 3" H

Slim S

36" L x 24" W x 4" H

Slim 1

42" L x 24" W X 4" H

Slim 2