PawSheets Rewards

New Program
Earn and Redeem Points
PawSheets Rewards Program Earn Points 

When you join PawSheets rewards, you get points for shopping, giving us a review, referring a friend, and following us on social media.

It's simple. Here's how to earn PawSheets points:
  • Create an account  - 10 points. 
  • Make a purchase - 1 point for every $1
  • Post a product review - 20 points
  • Complete a referral - 25 points
  • Share a link to PawSheets on Facebook - 5 points
  • Follow PawSheets on Instagram - 5 points
PawSheets Rewards Ways to Redeem Points
When you earn 200 points, you'll receive $10 off your next purchase. We keep track of your points and you can always check your balance.
PawSheets Rewards Program Refer a Friend to Earn Points
PawSheets loves reviews and referrals. When you refer a friend who makes a purchase, you and your friend will receive a $5 coupon.
If you have an account, you will receive points from prior activities. Give us a couple weeks to update your account.
This is a new program so we welcome comments and suggestions. Please email questions and comments to