Does a Dog or Cat Need a Pet Bed?

Does a Dog or Cat Need a Pet Bed?

Think about how much we “humans” value our beds and how much time we spend selecting the “right” bed. Can’t be too soft, too hard, but has to be just right. What about our furry companions? Is there a need to provide them with a bed of their own?

    Benefits of a Pet Bed

    A pet bed provides more than just a place to sleep for your dog or cat.  There are many good reasons to have a pet bed available to your pet. Here are a few:

    • A pet bed gives a pet their own private space
    • A pet bed offers a quiet, safe place to relax
    • A pet bed can be a barrier against cold, hard floors and offer cushioning for the joints
    • A pet bed reduces the hair and dander on your furniture
    Dog on a round, bagel bed with navy dog bed cover.

     This dog seems to have outgrown his bed or should he just go on a diet? 

    What Type of Pet Bed is Best?

    When you select a pet bed, you need to think about the style, size and cost.  Make sure that the bed is large enough so your pet can stretch out. If your pet likes to snooze with his or her head on the arm of a sofa, a bolster bed may be a good choice.  Of course, a better quality bed will cost you more than a cedar chip fill bed. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Also, think about how you will keep the pet bed clean.

    Keep Your Pet Bed Clean

    Buying the pet bed is the easy part, whereas keeping it clean is another story. Pet beds get dirty and can smell pretty bad in no time.  When selecting a pet bed, look for beds that have removable covers or are washable. Note that some “washable” beds are too large for home washers and may require a trip to the laundromat. Another alternative is to purchase a fitted sheet for the bed which can be easily washed and dried.

    Lesson Learned

    I bought two of the "washable" dog beds - one for each dog. At first, they were great. In no time, they needed a wash. Guess what? The bolster washable dog bed did not fit in my washer! I tried hand washing it in the tub, not fun. Then getting the dog bed to dry took several days. There had to be a better way - a dog bed sheet! The photo below was submitted from a PawSheet customer who shared the same issues. 

    Two labradors on dog beds with removable PawSheet dog bed cover

    Charles and Coconut on navy PawSheets


    Pets should have a private space to call their own. It can be a pillow, a rug or a pet bed. Place the bed out of heavy traffic areas so your pet can rest in a quiet area.  Recognize that the bed needs to be cleaned regularly and keep this in mind when you select the bed. 



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