Dog Bed Sheets: An Unbiased Review of PawSheets® Dog Bed Covers

Dog Bed Sheets: An Unbiased Review of PawSheets® Dog Bed Covers

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PawSheets got a great review from Janice Jones, publisher, editor and voice of Small Dog Place.

Janice does not typically promote products, but when she finds something that will help make the life of her followers easier, she is happy to let them know about it. In her unbiased review of PawSheets, she discusses her experience with PawSheets along with a list of some pros and cons.


  • Keeps the bed clean and more hygienic

  • Easy to launder and do not retain dog hair

  • Fits various sizes comfortably

  • Plenty of fabric to keep shape of bed

  • Variety of colors

  • Made completely in USA - fabric made and sheets produced


  • Costly if you have a large number of dogs as you will want two (one to use and one to wash)

  • Measuring can be tricky

There are some great images of small dogs modeling PawSheets in the article. 

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Janice is a dog lover, breeder, writer and publisher.  Her passion lies in helping others with their dogs and sharing her lifetime knowledge of pets, grooming, training and health issues.  

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