Give Your Dog Fresh, Clean Bedding - It's Easy with PawSheets®

Give Your Dog Fresh, Clean Bedding - It's Easy with PawSheets®

Love the feel of fresh, clean sheets? Guess what? Dogs do too - just like we do. 

Then why don’t we change our dog's bedding once or twice a week? Is it because it is a total pain in the butt? In my opinion, dog beds and their "removeable, washable covers" are not easy to remove, cumbersome to wash and difficult to put back on. What happens in the washer and dryer? They must shrink or change shape as putting the dog bed cover back on is usually a big struggle. And the bigger the dog bed, the bigger the struggle.

Dog bed blankets can help. You put the dog bed blanket on top of the bed, and it keeps the dog bed clean. One problem, however, with dog bed blankets is that they can move - and can leave parts of the dog bed exposed to dirt, drool, and other nasty stuff.

Prior to developing a universal sheet for a dog bed, I tried crib sheets and twin bed sheets. The crib sheets were too small (see Picture 1), and the twin bed sheets were too big (Picture 2).

Dog on dog bed with crib sheet as dog bed cover
Picture 1 - Crib sheet was too small
Dog bed with twin size bed sheet as a dog bed cover.
Picture 2 - Twin bed sheet was too big

Why weren't there sheets for dog beds? A fitted sheet that simply slipped on and off? No strings, buttons, zippers or snaps - to break or chew.

Story of PawSheets

Years ago, I had two large bolster beds – one for my mixed breed and one for my lab – located in my sunroom. When the room warmed up, there was this was this not-so-nice smell. We also noticed the smell when we walked into the house. As I was told by my husband “the house smelled like dog.”

The beds were “washable”  - that is if you had a commercial size, front loading washing machine. I did not. So, with a bit of research and luck, I found a dog bed designer – Clemmey Queen of Webster Enterprises to help me.  We came up with an elastic sheet design that would fit different shapes and sizes of dog beds.  Using a durable, woven sheet material that would hold up to tough paws and washing, we developed PawSheets. It would revolutionize how to keep a dog bed clean.

Since 2014, we have provided a convenient and economical way to keep a pet’s bed clean. Thousands of pets – mostly dogs -  now experience the wonderful sensation of a fresh sheets on their bed. Pet parents write to us and tell us that the dog sheets are a game changer.

Give your dog the wonderful sensation of fresh sheets - with PawSheets. If you are not changing your dog’s bedding once a week, please give PawSheets a try. If you don’t love PawSheets, we’ll refund your money.

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