Green Beans for Dogs - Avoid Canned or Rinse to Reduce Salt

Green Beans for Dogs - Avoid Canned or Rinse to Reduce Salt

Canned vegetables should be rinsed to remove salt before feeding to your petMany dog owners I speak to tell me that they give their dogs fresh or cooked vegetables as part of a healthy diet. My vet suggested adding green beans and reducing kibble to my lab's meals. This would help me control his  weight. Green beans are good for dogs as they are low in calories, provide fiber, and added "filler." It worked! 

One dog owner told me she gives her dog canned string beans since it was quick and easy. I asked her if she rinsed them with fresh water before serving to her dog - or if she bought low salt or no salt versions. "No" she replied and asked me why I was asking.  I told her that canned string beans are high in sodium and that can be a problem for dogs.

Green beans have nutrients that can help boost your dog's overall health.  They are a great source of vitamins C, K and A. Fresh green beans or frozen will have the most nutrition.  When cooking, use only a little water and don't overcook so you minimize nutrition loss.

Having a background in human nutrition, I know that canned foods, including vegetables, have a high sodium content (unless Low or No Salt version).  Here are the stats from Del Monte for 1/2 cup of canned green beans:

  • Regular Cut Green Beans - 380 mg

  • Low Salt Cut Green Beans - 140 mg

  • No Salt Cut Green Beans - 10 mg

If you rinse the regular green beans, you can reduce the sodium by 41%. Simply drain the can of green beans in a colander and run them under cool water. This is the most economical method as low salt and no salt cans tend to be more expensive. 

For a 33 lb. healthy dogs, no more than 200 mg of sodium a day should be consumed (Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources).  If you are giving your dog 1/2 cup of canned green beans, this is almost double what is considered OK. Drain and rinse them and you will get it down to around 224 mg. Still a bit high as there is a bit of sodium in dog food too.

The best green beans I have found are the ready to cook, fresh in the bag or frozen beans.

Frozen greens beans with no salt are great to give dogs to help lose weight

Green beans are good for dogs. They can help with weight loss and be a good dog treat.  Make sure that the only ingredient is green beans. No added sodium whatsoever. No butter sauce or seasonings.  As with all food we buy, read the labels. The Target brand shown here has 0 mg sodium as the only ingredient is green beans.

With dog and human food, the less processed, the better.  Please share any other tips or info to how you keep your pet healthy.




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