How To Completely Eliminate Dog Bed Odor: 3 Easy Steps

How To Completely Eliminate Dog Bed Odor: 3 Easy Steps

Let’s face it. Dog beds can get pretty nasty in terms of odor. Even when a pet bed looks clean, it can still stink a bit. Washing a dog bed or removable dog bed cover once a week, especially a large one, is something most of us just cannot, or will not, do. So, what can you do to keep that dog bed fresh, stink free and looking great?

  1. Remove dog bed cover (if possible) and wash. 
  • If you dog bed does not have a removable cover/ dog bed not washable, no problem.
  • Spray the dog bed and dog bed cover with a natural, odor destroying mist. Do not use Febreeze.
  • Cover the dog bed with a fresh and clean dog bed cover or dog bed sheet.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 every week.
  • An easy to change dog bed cover makes it easy to keep a dog bed odor free. Eliminate odors naturally with safe and effective DEODORATOR

    Could it be this simple? Yes!  

    PawSheets make it super easy to put a fresh cover on your dog’s bed. And to keep things fresh, PawSheets is recommends a natural, effective odor destroyer: DEODORATOR®. A few sprays of DEODORATOR before you put on a PawSheet, and your dog’s bed will be fresh and odor-free. Hands down, it is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to keep your dog’s bed clean. And 100% natural and safe.

    Leverage simple science to eliminate dog bed odor

    There are many self-claimed "SAFE" dog or pet deodorizers in the market. Many use fragrances to mask a smell, but do not destroy it. DEODORATOR actually deactivates and removes unpleasant odor by breaking down the odor causing agents. Odor is eliminated along with the source. There is no residue as the source of the smell is broken down to the basic elements of carbon and water. The process is called bioremediation.

    What is bioremediation?

    It may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. The science behind the process is used in industry to resolve environmental issues by breaking up oil-based substances and amending contaminated soil. DEODORATOR uses the same science to destroy the odor causing agents on a dog bed.

    Bioremediation is a natural of processes as it simply mimics how Mother Nature handles odors, but much faster. It starts with bacteria, which are everywhere. When a smelly substance or toxin gets close to bacteria, they release chemicals. These chemicals, enzymes and biosurfactants, attack the bad material, by breaking it up and turning it into a safe food source for bacteria. This can take some time so Enzymatic Bioremediation Deodorizers (EBD) were developed to speed up this process. These EBDs get rid of, not mask or cover, unpleasant odors in minutes, with no destructive environmental impact. The source of the order is destroyed – and cannot return.

    Special Pricing for PawSheet Customers

    PawSheet customers can purchase a 17-ounce spray bottle of DEODORATOR for $18.99  - the lowest price available. Or you can purchase the 32-ounce spray for $23.99.

    Click here for details on the DEODORATOR DEALS.

    Clean, odor free dog on dog bed in kitchen. PawSheets and DEODORATOR make it easy to eliminate dog bed odor.

    That’s Sammy on his new Khaki PawSheet in our kitchen. The kitchen is no place for odors, hair or germs.

    We spray DEODORATOR on his bed before placing a clean PawSheet on it. Keeps his bed and our kitchen "dog odor" free.

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