Robot vacuum for pet hair by PawSheets

How to Solve the Pet Hair Problem

Robot vacuum for pet hair by PawSheets dog bed sheets

If you’re like most pet owners you know that keeping up with pet hair in the house can be a daunting challenge. Recently I discovered a great solution.

It all started when I had to travel for my job. My husband was faced with keeping the house clean for himself and our two dogs. He quickly realized that if he vacuumed on Monday, by Tuesday, dog hair was everywhere once again.

Robot vacuums have been around for awhile. iRobot introduced the Roomba in 2002. Since that time, many manufacturers have entered the market. Additional features like long run times, self-emptying and smartphone apps have improved the experience.

Mashable reviewed several robot vacuums for pet hair. You can check out the article  or view the summary here:

  • Roomba S9+ : Best for thick carpet. $$$$
  • iRobot Roomba j7+: Best for avoiding pet toys and waste $$$
  • Roborock S&+: Best for combination flooring $$$$
  • Yeedi Vac Station: Best affordable hybrid (vac and mop)  $$
  • Roomba 694: Best budget friendly $
  • Neato Botvac D8 - Best affordable corner cleaning $$
  • Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL - Best mid-range self-emptier $$$
  • ILIFE V3s Pro - Best low budget $

For me, it is a big time saver. The dogs are fine with it and usually move when they see it coming. If not, it redirects when it hits something (like a lazy lab).  When we come home in the evening, the rooms are free of dog hair, leaves and dust. Occasionally, it will get stuck on the edge of a rug but that is rare (if it can’t dislodge, it just shuts off).

Brush dog and change dog bed cover to reduce dog hair shedding

PawSheets customers cite that they purchase the dog bed sheets to help control hair. Changing the dog bed cover, like brushing, will help, but the robot vacuum does the heavy lifting.  If you haven't tried one, it's time to.

Photos from Unsplash:  Vacuum by Jan Antonin Kolar / Dog brushing by Ayla Verschureren 
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